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Genetics 101

Genetics from the Beginning

For most of human history, the prevailing theory of how traits are passed from parents to offspring has been an ill defined blending effect. Children were thought to be the...

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10 Reasons to Get a DNA Test

‍ 1. Gift to a loved one ‍ Genetic testing is a new idea for many of us. Unlocking the mysteries in our genes is novel, intriguing, and perhaps even...

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What Are Genes?

What Are Genes? Genes are the packets of information in your DNA that hold the information for processes and proteins in cells. Because just about everything that happens within a...

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What is Personalised Medicine?

‍ The Concept ‍ The concept of personalised medical care has always been present, with clinicians striving to correctly match patients with treatments. However, until recently it had not been...

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Genotyping is a laboratory process involved in determining genetic variations of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within unique DNA, which can be isolated from blood or saliva samples. DNA is a...

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The Silent Killers

  Genetic inheritance ‍ Each cell in your body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, which are made up of half your father‚ and half your mother genes. These genes contain...

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The Genomic Generation

For some, genetic testing arouses feelings of anxiety. Why would you want to know if your genetics predispose you to a condition you cannot change? It brings about a feeling...

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