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Another Angle | #5 with Nicole Carter

Welcome to Another Angle podcast by Rightangled!

Our mission is to help our listeners learn how to improve health, fitness and overall well-being with the help of our guest specialists from sectors like medicine, nutrition and fitness.

Our guests in episode 5, Nicole Carter, is a Holistic Health Educator, wellness program developer, product formulator, Master Herbalist and author from California. We think that this is a must-listen podcast for everyone out there seeking better health!

Time-Stamped notes:

00:31 - Who is Nicole Carter?

02:25 - The rise of health and fitness awarness

03:55 - Stress and health

05:53 - Personal approach towards individuals

08:46 - Punishments vs positive rewards

09:38  - Healthy life challenges during lockdown

11:47 - Developing a "New Normal"

14:11 - How not to fall into bad eating habits

15:58 - Are fruits really healthy?

19:03 - Nicole's growth plan

21:19 - Practicing SELF Care

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