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Our Mission

We exist to deliver personalised medicine to the masses.

We believe that the future of healthcare lies in precision medicine coupled with advanced digital tools.  Our goalis to enable the use of medical technologies in everyday life so that we can improve the health and wellness of our users.

Advisory Board

Abdullah Sabyah

Chairman and CEO

Anas Abuyazid

Corporate Governance NED

Professor Sir John Cunningham

Science Advisor, Clinical NED

Usman Ahmed

Clinical Governance NED

Dr Sibtain Anwar

Consultant Cardiologist, Medical NED

Our story

It all started with a family member.

It all started with a drug complication that Rightangled’s co-founder saw first hand in her family. Floriane's relative was experiencing drug side effects and responding poorly to an anticoagulant drug. The medication was Plavix (Clopidogrel) and the side effects were gum bleeding and bruises. After seeing her relative survive 5 strokes, it was clear that the drug was not working and a personalised treatment regimen was needed. We built an online platform through which we wanted to see a change in the way healthcare was delivered to our close family members. Now we want to change the status quo.

Head Quarter

Hammersmith, London Office

We reside at our fully self-contained building at 32 Galena Road, London W6 0LT.

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