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Genomics is the study of the body's genes and complete sets of DNA. There is a complete copy of the genome in almost every cell in a person's body.

Genetic Testing


In 1953, the DNA structure was discovered and the field of biotechnology was reborn. There stood no difference in the technology information other than it dealing with 4 characters, (A, C, T, G), rather than two, (0 and 1).
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We have adopted a targeted DNA testing strategy

We only test for specific DNA segments or points of “glitches” that are associated with certain physiological, behavioural or hormonal traits. This approach gives our users more confidence and eliminates any uncertainty they might get from other DNA tests, that look at larger segments of DNA, with variants of uncertain significance.

We made a gene panel list through a genotyping technology that utilises competitive allele-specific microarrays. This enables highly accurate bi-allelic scoring of SNPs (99.8% accurate) and indels (insertions and deletions) at a specific loci, across a wide range of genomic DNA samples (SNP & indel assay conversion rate 90%). This means that the risk of false-positive and false-negative results are limited.

Once the results have been processed, the reports are then reviewed by our specialist partners, along with your provided health information. This is all obtained via our online platform in order to deliver an accurate assessment for each individual result.

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IT Engineering

We've built a revolutionary cloud-based system delivered through an online platform that easily connects users to specialists. This makes data security something that's of great importance to us. To protect your data we have put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure all the data that's collected on our site.

Steps we take to secure and protect your data include:

✔️ All users sensitive data and genetic info is stored in our database in an anonymised and encrypted format

✔️ We use a multi-level security system on all application layers

✔️ All our app development was built using CQRS and DDD patterns

✔️ All data transfers are secured over standard SSL SHA-256 ECDSA

✔️ Data is held in a secure database server and protected by a dedicated firewall

Published Research

  • A Literature Review of Genetic Markers Conferring Impaired Response to Cardiovascular Drugs

  • Identifying genetic markers associated with susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases


Pharmacogenetics is an emerging area of medicine, and more work is needed to fully integrate it into a clinical setting for the benefit of patients. Genetic markers can influence the action of many drugs, including those that prevent and treat cardiovascular conditions. Genotyping is not yet commonplace, but guidelines are being put in place to help practitioners determine the effect a genetic marker may have on certain drugs. With advancements in genetic technology and falling costs, genotyping could be available to all patients via a simple saliva test. This would be a cost-effective way for practitioners to determine the most effective treatment for individuals, reducing “trial and error,” adverse effects, and rehospitalization rates and increasing patient compliance. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death worldwide, so using the most effective medication to treat or prevent them is of utmost importance in reducing incidence and mortality.

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The development of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is due to a complex interaction between the genome and the environment. Understanding how genetic differences in individuals contribute to their susceptibility to CVDs can help guide practitioners to give the best advice to achieve a favorable outcome for the patient. As genome technologies evolve, genotyping of individuals could be available to all patients using a simple saliva test. Large-scale genome-wide association studies and meta analyses have provided powerful insights into polymorphisms that may be predictive of disease and an individual's response to certain nutrients, but moving forward it is imperative that these insights can be applied in the medical setting to reduce the incidence and mortality of CVDs.

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Method and assay kit to detect an analyte.

Patent number GB255246

Issued Jun 15, 2022

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