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Get access to the Heart and Fitness DNA test reports and have them professionally reviewed by medical and fitness specialists. Receive tailored actionable insights based on your DNA results and your unique lifestyle.

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Get a qualified Cardiologist or a General Practitioner to review your Heart Health reports and provide you with a tailored health plan. In addition, learn which exercise & diet regime are most optimal for you. Our Qualified Personal Trainers will also give an 8 week tailored plan.

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Get instant access to your genetic profile

With your sample already processed and your results in hand, simply upload your raw results file below and learn more about your cardiac genetic profile, determine associated risks with certain cardiac conditions, your response to heart medications, your response to certain nutrients, exercise routines and many more.

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1. Upload your results safely

Navigate to your 23andMe dashboard and download your raw results file from your settings.

2. Answer a simple questionnaire

Once you select your test, you will fill out a short questionnaire to help our specialists tailor their plans for you.

3. Get qualified reports

In 2 to 3 working days, your reports along with your tailored health and fitness plans will be ready.

Heart DNA Test

Covers everything genetics related to your heart, blood and vessels.

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Fitness DNA Test

Covers all things diet and exercise related. Inclusive of an 8 weeks tailored plan.

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