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Rightangled exists to enable the widespread use of genetic information and the integration of genetic testing within every primary and secondary care practice. We exist to empower both our clients and users with the tools that can drive better healthcare management and treatment options.

Today you can become a certified partner for retailing our kits and services to your client base.

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UK Regulated Healthcare Services

We maintain our high standards by adhering to internationally accepted quality management systems, throughout our supply chain and international distribution channels.

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Read CQC inspection report (May 2022)

How it works?

  • 1. Plug & Play via automated drop shipping (APIs)

  • 2. Same day fulfilment and next day delivery

  • 3. Service delivery & customer support.

We've built strong and streamlined businesses processes using IT, in order for partner retailers with digital and online ecommerce platforms to plug into our system and feed orders directly into our fulfillment centre. Using standard and easy to integrate APIs, all you have to do is list products on your site, complete transactions, and orders will automatically feed into our systems for fulfillment and service delivery.

You will be invoiced on what you sell and we fulfill only.

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All orders received before 1 pm will be shipped and delivered the very next day, no matter the size of the order.
Remain calm and comfortable on how quickly your orders will be delivered and received.

Our standard operating procedures and quality control measures follow stringent guidelines that have been established by the CQC and GPHC in the UK, and they take part of our full Quality Management Systems.

In addition, all our partner labs are ISO and UKAS accreditted. Whilst ensuring that all pharamceutical suppliers are also WDA(H) certified.

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dna testing review rightangled
dna testing review rightangled

Very quick service. Competitive price. Everything I wanted and would definitely recommend.

Nick (GB)

The best!!

Irina Rukiene (GB)

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