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Diet & Nutrition

Is a Low-Carb diet safe for you?

A healthy diet is important for a healthy life, as stated by the old saying ‘You are what you eat’. This becomes even more important in today’s world where metabolic...

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A Quick Guide on the Keto Diet

The popularity of a keto diet has increased many folds within these years because of its great benefits in fat loss and weight reduction. It is recommended by so many...

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Why Genetics Alone is Not Enough

Genomics is a fast-growing area of medical science which is transforming the way the world of medicine not only researches disease, but how it diagnoses and treats it too. Since...

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Food Intolerance - a Health Concern?

Updated in Dec 2019 ‍ Over the past years the number of people who experience adverse reactions to certain food components has risen dramatically, and there are many different reasons...

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What to Know About Lactose Intolerance

Did you know that lactose intolerance affects more than half of the world’s population? ‍ First of all, let's explain what lactose intolerance means. You are lactose intolerant when the...

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Feeling Full?

Your genes play a key role in your susceptibility to weight gain and obesity. Identifying the role your lifestyle and DNA characteristics play within your body can help you to...

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Heart Attacks and Diet

‍ Your heart health is affected by a multitude of factors. Not least of which is your diet. The fast-food rich “Western Diet” includes many components that promote the development...

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