C-R-Y conference 2018 - Rightangled

C-R-Y conference 2018

In the UK, every week at least 12 young individuals die of undiagnosed heart disorders. Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) organisation was founded in 1995 to reduce the number of young sudden cardiac death.

CRY supports young individuals diagnosed with serious cardiac disorders and provides bereavement support to families affected by CRY develops heart screening programmes and funds medical research to implement new strategies in order to improve diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions. CRY also funds specialist referral, screening and cardiac pathology services at leading UK hospitals. The organisation publishes and distributes medical information written by leading cardiologists for the general public.

The CRY conference brings together experts in the fields of inherited cardiac diseases. sports cardiology and sudden cardiac death in young individuals, who discuss new topics and advancements in their respective areas. It offers an opportunity for all those involved in the care of sportsmen and young people, to receive up to date knowledge on the effects of athletic training and the diagnosis and management of people with inherited heart conditions.

In its 13th year, the CRY International Conference was a fantastic opportunity to support a leading charity in the field of young sudden cardiac death and to exhibit and showcase Rightangled's services to cardiologists, trainees, academics and other professionals in the field of cardiology & sports medicine. Our Heart DNA and Wellness Pro DNA tests provide in-depth information on how genetics and lifestyle can contribute towards an individual's chances of developing certain cardiac conditions and exhibiting drug side-effects.

Through awareness, screening, research, and support for affected families, we all can prevent young sudden cardiac deaths across the UK and world.