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HBC Christmas Market

Blogging is one of the most effective platforms available to health and fitness specialists to engage with their audience. Among others, health and wellness blogs are becoming more and more popular in this day and age. Health and wellness blogs can include various health-related topics such as fitness, nutrition, diet, disease prevention, health innovations, social trends, scientific discoveries, self-help, health and wellness business.

Health and Wellness blogs have changed the way health-related information is displayed, analysed and discussed. Health blogging has transformed the communication between the general public and experts in fitness, nutrition and health. Health Blogging allows the general public to get information in more accessible ways and capture readers reactions through emails, comments and others.  

Health Bloggers is a community of wellness and health bloggers and influencers that aim to make a bigger impact in the industry. An event organised by Health Bloggers community this year brought together health and wellness influencers as well as enthusiasts. Showcasing some of the hottest and newest brands in the health and fitness industry, HBC Christmas Market was an exciting opportunity for both influencers and bloggers to make connections, discover interesting brands and sample new products. The event featured a very special series of talks, as well as a market space and a food court, with incredible talks from influencers and inspiring brands. Rightangled was a part of this event and we presented our DNA kits to all guests and bloggers. We had plenty of interesting discussions on DNA testing with the general public, influencers and bloggers.

In collaboration with HBC Christmas Market, we set up an exciting give away of our fitness DNA test and picked a lucky winner from one of our followers!

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